Why the DCworld solution is ideal for Solar systems?


  • DCworld can directly use the DC voltage from solar systems.
  • Even if the renewable energy sources voltage is vibrating the DCworld
  • controller provides a stable voltage to lamps or other devices.
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PROBLEM: The solar system generated electrical energy needs

to be converted from DC to AC and from AC to DC before it becomes useful.

How can we eliminate all these conversions and reduce inefficiency? 



After the solar energy go through inverter and converter, the highest

electrical efficiency that can be achieved is only 88% and the average electrical

efficiency is only 73%


While the solar system directly supplying DC power achieves as

highest electrical efficiency 98%, the average electrical efficiency is 94%



Most of the AC / DC power converters’ efficiency is less than 80%.

80 Plus (trademarked 80 PLUS) is a voluntary certification program

intended to promote efficient energy use.




SOLUTION: The DCWorld system provides the best solution by

eliminating conversions and increasing efficiency/quality





DC-Powered Applications 


  • 380VDC Uses
  •  - Variable Speed Drives  (Washers/Dryers/Air Cond)
  •  - Other Home Appliances  (Stoves/Ovens)
  •  - “Rapid Charger” For Plug-in  Electric Vehicles
  • 24V/48V DC Uses
  • .
  •  - Lighting
  •  - Consumer Electronics (TVs,  PCs, Projectors)


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