About DCworld 



Our Mission

    Innovate, simplify and humanize technologies to create energy efficient sustainable solutions.

Key System Characteristics 

  •  1. An IT Infrastructure based control system
  •  2. An Innovative system using existing IT infrastructure to access the    ...luminaires and controllers directly without extra driver/module for best  ...efficiency.
  •  3. Easy to operate.
  •  4. It reduces the heat problem
  •  5. It combines the luminaire systems with server applications.
  •  6. Scalability/flexibility to fit any scale and local area application.
  •  7. Software driven to support sensors and other applications as you need.
  •  8. Lighting control, Scheduling control, Scenario control, Reporting Service
  •  9. The system limitation depends on your thinking


Key System Characteristics Of DC Basic Solutions

  • 1. DC Energy can be stored in electric battery cells. AC Energy cannot be            ..stored.
  •  2. As almost all the electronic equipment operates on DC supply no voltage    ....conversions are needed.
  •  3. Longer Lifetime of lamps and Luminaires without AC/DC drivers.
  •  4. DC offers higher efficiency than AC; DC transfers more power with less  ..     .....electrical losses than an equivalent AC transmission line.
  •  5. Solar based energy have DC output.

The Key Advantage Of DCworld

  • 1. A.N.V. (Auto Negotiate Voltage):

        -Detects and adjusts to the same lowest voltage lamps and luminaires in one      circuit automatically.

    2. Energy Meter Analyzer:

        -Ability for measuring and analyzing energy usage.

    3. DC P.L.C. (Power Line Communication):

        -Combines electricity and data communication in 1 cable

    4. Flexible & scalable solutions

    5. Dynamic Lighting Control:

        -Dynamic lighting control for both white and R.G.B. enabling Human Centric    ... Lighting applications 

    6. Open API (Application Programming Interface):

        -Allows integration into the 3rd party systems.

    7. Wide range of communication methods:

        -Ethernet/ WIFI/ RS485/ UART/ ZigBee

    8. Centralized DC Power Supply:

        -Less heat generation and energy losses (10%~ 36% lower energy bill than

         AC LED systems)








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