DCworld Solution

Easy to install and operate.

Higher quality and longer lifetime.






DC Energy can be stored  in electric battery cells. AC Energy cannot be stored.








As almost all the electronic equipment operates on DC supply no voltage conversions are needed.







Longer Lifetime of lamps and Luminaires without AC/DC drivers. Majority of renewable energy sources have DC output supply.






DC offers higher efficiency than AC; DC transfers more power with less electrical losses than an equivalent AC transmission line.







Characteristics of DCworld Smart Control

DCworld supports an upgradeable system

structure from level 1 to level 5.


  • Level 1 is the price  competitive lamps and power supply system.

 Level 2 adds dimmable and sensor ability.




    • Level 3 is controllable by H.M.I (Human Machine Interface, e,g Zigbee or Wall Switch)



  • .
  • .
  • Level 4 is controllable through an APP 
  • Level 5 is schedulable by Server











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